Monday, May 19, 2008

why is it that....

Yes,, why is it that everytime i want to be quiet because Anika is asleep i make the most noise??? i bang into things, break plates, stub my toes blablabla... why????!!!!!????!!!!

i know some parents say that you have to get your child used to noise... but i seriously now think that they either dont care or do care. i think now that all kids are different and should be treated as such. i can do my damndest to try and not care about the noise etc but it won't work.... i have tried countless times.. she hates it when she is tired.... and gets grumpier and its harder to put her to bed.

Man i love her. By the way check out my friend steph's myspace page.. moobear designs.. she was nice enough to send us a fab moobear t-shirt. Steph recycles clothing to make fab new kids t-shirt designs...... moobeardesigns. Love ya steph!!!!

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Stephanie said...

This is the first Blog EVER to mention Moobear ... It seems so long ago... Your due for a new shirt too hehe... mwah